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about kuros

Kuros. I am a mixed media and ceramic artist. My work explores the relationship between humanity, consciousness and nature, as well as the origins of art and creativity. My approach with materials is deeply connected to the thoughts and questions I explore. 

Mixing it up. I employ natural materials, encaustic techniques, wild clays, composting, rust processes, foraged pigments, and self-made inks, glues and paints in my work. Some pieces incorporate computer chips, wires and other technology detritus. 

Humanstone. Clay is intimately connected to the history of our species. Its malleability and memory must have delighted our ancestors, who started to form the earth, literally. Molding it, sculpting it, creating representations of stories, shared ideas, goddesses and gods. Clay molded our imaginations and our creativity. It is the beginning of technology and the beginning of art. With fire, the ephemeral clay, once delicate and fragile, is alchemically transformed into humanstone - ceramic. Art, technology & civilization are not far.

Mentors. At the University of Oregon, I studied with ceramic artist George Kokis and over the years, I have had many workshops, masterclasses and private associations with many great artists, including luminaries such as Peter Voulkos, Paul Soldner, and M.C. Richards.

In the past. I have collaborated on community-based art projects, with organizations such as the City of Seattle, Bumbershoot, 4Culture, Sound Transit, King County, Seattle Art Museum, and the Tides Foundation, as well as numerous public and private schools.  

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