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japanese artisanal chasen

japanese artisanal chasen

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This authentic Japanese Chasen is handcrafted out of bamboo by Kubo-san and his team in the village of Takayama, Nara Prefecture, Japan. Kubo-san is a 24th generation master craftsman and a national living treasure.  


The 100 tines of this chasen are expertly formed from locally grown white bamboo which is dried and cured over a long period of time. It is a work of art and perfect for crafting a special bowl of usucha (thin tea).


It is has curled tips with a handwoven black thread which holds the tines at the perfect distance from each other. Each whisk is securely packaged in a beautiful paper box with a stamp of authenticity.


How to care for your chasen:


Before using, soak your new chasen in warm water for about 1/2 hour. This unfurls & cleans the tines & makes them more pliable - perfect for a frothy traditional bowl of matcha. Soak the bristles at least for a few minutes before each subsequent use. Be careful not to brush the bottom of your tea bowl too much to protect tines!


Rinse your chasen with warm water or whisk a bowl of warm water & place chasen on a whisk holder (kusenaoshi) to dry.  Do not use soap!


• 100% traditionally cured bamboo •

• made in Japan by a national living teasure •

• a work of art  •




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