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introduction to tea ceremony ... summer edition

introduction to tea ceremony ... summer edition

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august 4 • 10:00 - 13:00


introduction to tea ceremony ... summer edition :)


Deepen your knowledge of tea & cultivate appreciation for the harmony & beauty of the tea ceremony. Inspired by her studies at the Wenshu Monastery, Claudia will guide you through a tranquil tea experience. You'll explore the six main types of tea and master the delicate art of brewing with a gaiwan. With extensive experience in both Chinese and Japanese tea ceremonies, Claudia will share insights into the philosophy and principles underlying these rituals, offering practical advice on conducting your own ceremony with grace and mindfulness. Additionally, she will teach flower arranging as it relates to tea ceremonies. Claudia will also show you how to beautifully prepare and arrange the necessary tea implements and how each season influences the nuances and aesthetics of a tea ceremony throughout the year. 


About Claudia


In March 2012, Claudia stumbled into a small tea shop tucked in a back alley in Guilin, a picturesque city in southern China. It was a serendipitous encounter and the beginning of a life-long passion for tea and dedication to practicing the way of tea. In 2016, she met her Japanese tea ceremony sensei, Akiko Ozaki Tatko, and started practicing Chado, or Japanese Tea Ceremony, in the Urasenke tradition. In the summer of 2019, another chance encounter brought her to the Wenshu Monastery in Chengdu, the largest zen monastery in South-West China, where she was accepted as a tea apprentice. Since 2021, Claudia has been holding tea ceremonies at the annual Shaolin Cultural Week in Vienna and studying Chinese tea.


taught by Claudia from Tea Room Stories


9 people, taught in English


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