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culinary matcha • 500g

culinary matcha • 500g

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This culinary grade matcha is created from a 2nd flush, organic blend of cultivars by the same farmer who makes our MiSA matcha. It is bright green, slightly bitter and has a wonderfully intense matcha taste which shines through, even in combination with other ingredients & also after baking. The fertile volcanic soils & unique terroir of the farm create a delicious flavor. This matcha is freshly stone ground, which is rare for a culinary grade matcha (they are typically machine ground at high temperature). A little goes a long way - use in baking, chocolates, ice cream, smoothies, ...


• vibrant green •
• intense flavor •
• sweets & baking •


Ingredients: stone ground matcha green tea

500g wholesale gastro package


kagoshima • Japan


Store in a cool, dry & dark place!

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