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This is our basic chasen, perfect for everyday use. It is hand crafted in a production studio, which means that each artisan completes one specific task in the process.  


It is handcrafted using splitting, cuttting and scraping techniques into 80 tines, ensuring smooth and effortless whisking. It is both beautiful and functional, perfect as a gift or for personal use.


• 100% bamboo •

• artisan studio made •

• affordable  •


Please note: Due to the natural qualities of bamboo each individual chasen has its own look, patterns and variations. 


How to care for your chasen:


Before using, soak your new chasen in warm water for about 1/2 hour. This unfurls & cleans the tines & makes them more pliable - perfect for a frothy traditional bowl of matcha. Soak the bristles at least for a few minutes before each subsequent use. Be careful not to brush the bottom of your tea bowl too much to protect tines!


Rinse your chasen with warm water or whisk a bowl of warm water & place chasen on a whisk holder (kusenaoshi) to dry.  Do not use soap!




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