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A growing number of coffee shops trust us with their matcha program & are having a lot of success serving MiSA. Join us!

About MiSA
We are Sandra (Viennese designer) and Kuros (Iranian-American ceramicist), and our love affair with tea began in the 90’s, when we were students in Oregon. Over the years, we have had a tea business in the States, traveled extensively across Asia and have many tea stories to tell! We have now settled in lovely Vienna, where MiSA embodies our lifelong passion for tea.

Our Commitment

At MiSA, we meticulously curate rare teas and matcha, sourced directly from small producers across Asia. Most of our teas are organic or wild-grown, as we are dedicated to sustainability and social responsibility. Our “house matcha” is freshly ground each month and sent directly from a Japanese eco-farm to Vienna, ensuring it is always vibrant, smooth, and bright green. 

Our Experience
In the U.S., we owned a successful tea company, collaborating with over 200 gastronomy partners. We have the passion & expertise to support your matcha & tea program.

Our Support
Whether it’s training your staff, sharing recipes, helping integrate matcha into a busy workflow or offering tailored advice, we’re here to support you.

Wholesale Booklet & Samples

Get in touch with us to receive our wholesale booklet, our B2B pricing & free samples.


We value lasting, fruitful partnerships & would love to work with you!

♡ Sandra & Kuros

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